By the end of 2019, I started drafting and working on two comics, which I am planning to release online this year.
You can read the description of each comic below. 

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A girl named Otris is continuously harassed by a series of unexplainable accidents, which she calls “Schronicles”. While many could think that she may be clumsy or just very unlucky, she instead claims that the cause of these accidents is the loss of her tooth. This injury was caused by LIFE HIMSELF, who kicked her in the butt! Apparently, HE is a very cool guy… so why would HE ever do that?

At least that’s what Otris says.
Would you believe her?

Read the first three pages from my comic portfolio!

Florinz & Marcy

Florence is a housecat that got too much used to a life of luxurious solitude thanks to her two owners, whom she refers to as "slaves". She's been the queen of the house for years but, one day, her reign is threatened by the arrival of a new pet!

Will Florence's power be able to stand Marceline's threat, made of sweetness and cuddles?


© art  by / Jessica Slusark all rights reserved