A lazy red has updated her website!

I'm so excited to be sharing that my website has been updated!

I've promised myself to give a bit of refurbishment to this place and took advantage of the new year to do so.✨

Here is what you can find:

  • I added my Shop to the Menu list. By clicking on it, you will be taken to my Etsy shop, where I have been starting to add items for sale a few weeks ago!

  • Commission request page and terms of service. These pages can be found in the "Work with me" section in the menu. - Commissions: On this page you can request a commission by filling a form in which I will ask you details of the type of work you need. The works requested for commissions are only meant for personal use. For companies looking for commercial work, I will need to be contacted directly to my email - Terms of service: On this page you can read all the details regarding commissions. TOS will talk about details like process, payment, cancellations, delivery and other details regarding my commission service. I am also planning to add a FAQ section, I will be writing it once I have enough people asking me for specific questions I haven't discussed about on my TOS page yet. I will also add a price reference list for my commissions, to show an average price for specific requests.

  • Patreon! Since December 2019 I started considering to open a Patreon page and here it is! For now I am still trying to figure out how it works, so I haven't gone fully promotional for this page yet. I still need to think about some stuff and some deadlines I've considered for myself. Once I will be ready for Patreon, I will be doing a full blogpost about it!

  • Portfolio updated with new work and other categories. I added more illustrations, comics and animations, but also added new categories such as character designs, sketches and colorist work!

And of course, last but not least....

I updated and started my blog anew!

My plan for this blog will be to use it to post more sketches, sneak peeks of work in progresses, to promote some tutorials, videos and talk about other stuff regarding my life in Berlin and my journey as an artist.

I'll try my best to post as much as I can. I'm a bit new to Wix's blog format and am not sure how much of a community there is behind it actually... but I'm sure I'll have lots of fun!

My blog will also function as a "news section" of my website so, for any releases or conferences I may be attending, I will be posting details here!

🔔 If you'd like to followup with the latest posts, feel free to subscribe.🔔

(You won't be bombarded with irrelevant posts not pertaining to this blog)

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